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dog with a tennis ball in mouth on white background by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills

A memorable experience

"My passion is to document the personality of your pets.
To create memories!
Puppy, young, senior or terminal - I am here to help you!"

dog looking to the side on white background by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills
dog looking to the side with butterfly on nose



-- Bring a large bag of dog food* to the session, and save $50 on printed products --

A full experience pet portrait session with no time restrictions includes:

  • a photo session in my pet friendly studio in Agoura Hills (or in the comfort of your own home)

  • up to two pets from the same household

  • a 5" x 7" gift print (matted to 8"x10") of your choice (valued at $95)

  • an online sneak peek image on Facebook, and

  • an online or in person purchase appointment where I show you the best images from the photo session.

How much are prints and products?

Collections of three matted gift prints starts from $285, ready to hang metal prints -or framed prints starts from $450, box of 10 matted images starts from $795 and custom created handcrafted albums starts from $1199.

See available products HERE.

My studio is located behind the historic "Cornell Old Place" in Agoura Hills.

Studio sessions takes around 90 minutes. During that time I will take a series of images using studio lighting, against a plain backdrop. Within 7-10 days of your photo session, you choose your prints and products from a carefully curated online gallery of approximately 30 images. There are hundreds of print and product combinations available, so plenty to choose from and all items are of exceptional quality and come with a 100-year archival guarantee from my professional print laboratory.

*With your support of donated dog food, you help local charities in need.

For each product you invest in Ph2grphy donates an additional bag of treats.

Lets together help as many animals as possible!

  1. My sessions are meant to be a fun, relaxed and stress-free experience for you and your pets.

  2. I take my time to connect with your pets and will never force them into situations they don't like.

  3. Don't be afraid if your dog cannot - or do not follow all commands - I have tried it all!

  4. I am very experienced and have an expert timing when it comes to capturing your pets personality.

  5. Being patient is my superpower! 

  6. I have all the time needed and guarantee you gorgeous portraits you’ll be proud to display in your home.

  7. All pets are welcome - fluffy, flurry, spiky, soft or slimy!

Portrait of Pet photographer Rikke Hein Truelsen of Ph2grphy
closeup of dogs face looking up on white background by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills





Sessions in studio takes about 90 minutes and sessions in your own home can take up to 3 hours which includes the set up/break down time. Sessions are not limited to a specific time as every pet is unique and some may take longer than others. Patience is the key!



About 7-10 days after the session I conduct an online purchase appointment and you can select any prints and products you may like. 

I use cutting edge technology to show you exactly how the products will look like in own your home on your own walls.

You pay for only what you like!



For in-home sessions, my studio setup* needs a large, clear space with hard floors (carpets does not work with my seamless background paper), no direct sunlight and access to an electrical outlet.

Your garage works great!

You are also welcome to come to my pet friendly studio in Agoura Hills.

stack of images


There are hundreds of print and product combinations available, so plenty to choose from and all items are of exceptional quality and come with a 100 year archival guarantee. 

I have a background in interior design and I am specialized in making the most out of your wall space! I am here to help you!



Mondays and Fridays I offer in-home visits at 11am.

Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays sessions runs from 10am to 5pm.

I also have emergency sessions for unwell, elderly or young pets outside my regular session times for an additional fee.



Final products will be ready for pickup about 4-8 weeks after the purchase appointment, depending on your choice of products.



Image straight out of camera

Final retouched image

Final art work for your home

picture of dog image straight out of camera, before editing by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills
final edited portrait of dog, white background by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills
image of dog wall art hanging on wall over fireplace in livingroom by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills


Do you have wall art worthy photographs of your best friend?

Let me help you!

Let's freeze time for a second
- with memories that will last forever!

Beagle puppy portrait with gold chain on white background by Ph2grphy in Agoura Hills